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There is a female that lives two doors down. She is mentally ill and-or intellectually impaired in some way. I do not know her or her diagnosis. However, she has apparently decided to harass and target me. Her behavior is extremely abnormal--talks through heater vents, drops sound bombs on ceiling, talks though walls, bothers me every time I try to cook at oven and stove, has excessive slamming in the middle of the night. She harasses especially in the kitchen. In addition, she has 4 friends on the steet--don't know if they are ill--who yell into the street all day and into the night. I have filed reports with the police. One police person visited their house an talked to them for me. That was last August. She continues to harass. I have to wear earplugs to live here and sometimes earphones. I also have to blast the radio to try to drown out her talking through walls targeted noise and harassment. I don't know what to do about it and there are no signs that she plans to stop. Can you please let me know what options I might have, including personal injury. She has made my home unlivable and needs to be kept away from me.
JA: I just need to ask a few clarifying questions so that the Lawyer doesn't miss anything. To start, what state are you in? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: New York
JA: Are there any relevant dates or timelines to consider with this?
Customer: I have tried everything I know to try to fix it so it has been going on for awhile, years.
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: no
Hello. I have a rental property that is an old house built in the late 1800s converted to a 4plex. Last year, I started having electrical issues and found out it had old knob and tube wiring that needed replaced. I also signed up for a local county program in Butte, MT that removed contaminated insulation from the attic and crawl space around the top rental unit. After this was done in late May, 2022, I had to have all the knob and tube wiring removed and replaced before they would insulate. I lined an electrician up to do it and told the tenants about him and asked them to please give him access so he could remove the old wiring and put new wiring in. He tried on a number of occasions and they did not give him access to do his job. This went on all summer, and into the fall. The electrician never told me he was having trouble getting access, and just didn't do the job. Fast forward to November, 2022, when I found another electrician whose workers would remove the knob and tube wiring and rewire. The male tenant tried to dictate who would be allowed to do the work (a friend of his), and threatened the other workers. When the man's friend was given access for a job the electrician estimated would take 3 days, 6 weeks later he still wasn't done, so the electrician fired him. Meanwhile, the weather in MT had been subzero and the the place was not insulated. When the electrician tried to get his people in to prepare the attic and crawl space to be insulated, the tenant screwed the door shut and barricaded it. His girlfriend did open it up eventually, and the workers took 1 day to do what needed to be done to get the place insulated. The following day, the girlfriend and the man were gone from the place, but the electrician let the insulation workers in and they finally got the place insulated. The man, Ben, now has threatened all the electrician's workers and no one wants to go up there to work. The man Ben approved of was moving a bed with Ben's girlfriend to install an outlet, and the frame broke (on her side--she said it was already cracked), so now Ben is throwing fits about the workers breaking all his stuff, so the are also afraid to go in there because of that. Yesterday, Ben threatened to report me to the county for renting a place that is uninhabitable when he is the one preventing the people I have hired to do the electrical work from entering. The first of November, I sent him a letter terminating his lease and gave him 30 days to move out. He did not move, so I went to court and got a Complaint for Possession. He keeps hiding from the server and we have been unable to get him served so I can get him out of there and finish having the old, dangerous wiring removed and new wiring put in. The job is half done right now because workers are afraid to go in. Do I have any legal recourse? Can you give me any advice?
JA: Just to clarify, where is the house located? These laws can vary based on state.
Customer: Butte, Montana
JA: So you've raised the issue with them. What have you heard from them since, if anything?
Customer: Yes. Yesterday I got a string of texts from Ben threatening to turn me in to the county because the place in uninhabitable. But he won't let people in the finish the wiring, and tells me I am going to pay big because they broke his bed (that was the guy he wanted) and he also says a bar he had in there got damaged. He says I am going to pay big for this
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Customer: How many months do I have to join for?
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