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My husband and I are in a FL FAR BAR as-is contract to sell our home. We originally signed an agreement for a cash sale. Then the investor/broker (not really sure his title) came back with a new contract. He talked us through the contract say same deal as the first contract, but he had buyers for the house he was going to fix it for these new buyers. We noticed later that the deal had been changed from a cash sale to being contingent upon the buyers obtaining a mortgage loan. He also added that we would include a washer and dryer. We blamed ourselves for not reading the new contract carefully while he was here, so we went along with walkthroughs and an inspection. But promised ourselves we wouldn't sign anything else from this man because he wasn't trustworthy. The inspection did not pass. Now this guy wants us to sign an addendum stating we will allow repairmen into our house to make repairs, and another addendum to postpone the closing. We told him we weren't signing anything else. We are scheduled to close on Feb 11. He came here last night trying to get us to sign these forms again and we refused to even open the door. Now he's telling us that if we don't sign, we will be in breach of contract and be forced to leave our house on the 11th.I asked on Friday if this is possible, or are they trying to scare us. Basically, I was told that the buyer is talking nonsense and we shouldn’t sign anything or allow them inside to make repairs.I got the following text last night:Hello, I am the legal assistant for Wilson home realty and wanted to reach out to before to see if there’s anything I can do before filing suit for litigation like I have been asked to do…..How should I respond to this?
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