I have a stepdaughter who is part of a Family Court arrangement with another family member in regards to bringing up a

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Customer: i have a stepdaughter who is part of a Family Court arrangement with another family member in regards ***** ***** up a GG son, SD has the day to day care and the other only has him one weekend fortnightly and has to share with lots of other family members,this has been going on for about the last 6 years[he's 12 now],i didn't mind even tho SD is Bi-Polar and schizophrenic but very erratic at times, my concern here is i could count on one hand the amount of times iv'e had him overnight in those 6 years and only been on her terms otherwise i try to call around 3-4 times weekly but depends as i'm a shift worker,the boy has said every time he asked her can he come to stay she says no,i feel his well being is not considered even tho the welfare is ok up to a point,his mum ended her life by choice and he saw something that no-one let alone a boy of 5 did and wife [deceased] and i raised his mum from 3 -24, SD will not share this boy with family who love him dearly, i'm really concerned as every time i approach her to talk she turns nasty with threats at times,she has in the past put a trespass on us an we only wanted to talk,i'm 72 this girl caused us all sorts of bother when she was young an her mum put her into a mental institution,iv'e been to Oranga Tamariki an others but no help really, if i could i would like to get the boy under his biological Grandmothers care as she is also suffering through what's happened,,the other side to this story is quite long and if i was able would rather explain in conversation,,i thank you
JA: Are there any allegations of drug, alcohol, or financial problems?
Customer: she was on drugs up until she was put into the mental Unit then her mother took her away from that local element and she cleaned herself up a bit, got married seemed ok then started going off track a bit when her mum passed and was missing most of that time,they didn't seem to have money problems but i notice she has been drinking lately but they did lose a 19 year old sun 2 years ago, she went a little loose for a while with her man looking after the children and i was always worried about our grandson, was told approx 4 weeks ago that he'd tried to self harm,i have not been able to see him since 11th August because of her, hence my concern of asking for help of which was turned down,they want evidence and i said suicides don't give you any til too late
JA: I'm sorry if I'm reading you wrong here, but it seems as though you might be considering committing suicide or hurting yourself. Am I right?
Customer: ? Please read what iv'e just typed
JA: Okay. Let's try this again. How can I help you?
Customer: are these just structured answers
JA: The Family Lawyer will be able to walk you through that. Are there allegations of physical or emotional danger to your children?
Customer: put it this way i would like to have some access to my great grandson but the stepdaughter depending on her mood or nature uses all sorts of excuses to stop me seeing or having anything to do with him a lot,,legally would i have rights to serve her with a Section 8 of some sort under the Mental Health Act
JA: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: iv'e tried to explain earlier as to the Well being of the GG son, this boy saw the tragic circumstances of how his mum passed with his own eyes and like i mentioned she has day to day care of him but will not share him family that give him love and care,,got to realize i work in the morning so am i still able to continue with this tomorrow night
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Contact by grandparents can be more difficult than by the parents because you don't have the same ability yo apply for better contact unless the court gives you permission. But most problems with these issues are resolved with FDR family mediation. Places like Fairway will appoint an independent and neutral mediator who will work with you and the stepdaughter to sort out better arrangements which can best suit the needs of the child. I suggest think about this as your next step and look at what they offer from this link


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