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Hi! My husband was served papers from his sister concerning their mother which he was surprised to have received. We have read the served papers and are really overwhelmed that she has done this. We believe that this is a sibling rivery that has been happening for years. My Husband is the EPOA for his mum (their mum) and things were going well until this. The sister is upset because she has taken upon herself the roll of EPOA. But this goes more deeper and my Husband believes that they are just mad with him and we just need more advice on these served papers as my husband and I have nothing to hide and we can't even see his mum because she won't let us since 19 December 20.
JA: What steps have their mother and the sister taken? Have they filed any papers in family court?
Customer: Yes. the sister did under an allies name. Kumeroa Anita Brown. we only know her as Anita Batt as she is married. Kumeroa was her birth name but she hasn't used that name until she took over our mother. And we have 21 days to file for a notice of intention to appear of the court??
JA: Family law varies by state. What state are they in?
Customer: We are in Lower Hutt NZ, they are in Porirua Wellington
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: There is alot. Most of this served papers state that we neglected our elderly mother, we have financially taken off her for our needs, we didn't commit to the EPOA laws and standards at the time but as we stated that she was capable and yes all lawyer papers from mums lawyer was only done from her lawyer we didn't want anything because we had just lost our 6 year old son and then while doing that we had to look aftter my lung cancer dad whom is doing well and get a phoe call from the Wairoa Police and Kahangungu Executive nurses that his mother was under weight and no food in her cupboards no one was there for her for 1 year. So we were called upon to take care of her not because we wanted too because his mum called out for her son to come and get her and look after her. And that how he became EPOA for his mum is because she didn't trust her other children but like i said mum can be manipulated but she changes with her son. She tells them the truth and if only they can get her and him with a lawyer present to talk while he's present you will see the changes in her. She misses her son dearly and he misses her too.
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