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agent in Veteran housing program has been collecting rent on a dead service member I tried to notify several agencies the land lord has basically been committing fraud and adjusting my ledgers and the Dead service member . I needed a jag lawyer and an investigator to come out to my apt . The LL attempt to kill me with carbon monoxide . Local police fire dept said they call they dont do reports. Now its appears they do busy trying to cover thier jobs and get rid of me and if I cant get someone outside The city I dint know what to do . They dead service member Name Caroline Denise Prius she lived in this unit before me . Mail came verifying that The accountant for vet program was indeed still collecting rent frim her HUNTUNGTIN BANK ACCT ON WARREN AVE IN WESTLAND MICHIGAN. I notified LL bank s s and Westland police on action taken no one did job . If there is anyway I needed help and protection and investigate as they landlord Scott Lorentz is also accountant for several programs through Westland housing commission .How can her explain not reporting her death and collecting her rent months after ? Why also had no one arrested the many he did it with Arthur Bembry a vet at*****who been using the dead lady card at 3 stores and no one did anythung UNTIL LATELY and they railroading me . This should be investigated and I have some info and details to help . They needed to investigate this programs and IRS needs to look into the bookkeeping . I needed assistance and protection Cynthia Ann Patton*****Westland michigan 48186 .I need investors for to come look at the apt B4 they run me out our I can move . I dint feel safe and local. Law enforcement either didnt put reports in and no one never followed up and incidents keep happening . all because The employees are new scrambling to get me out the picture and continue cover up . today I get notice stuck in my doors dated jan 10 for eviction And Im sure there's proof of landlord committing fraud with MSHDA as well .I need a lawyer and D of A needs to investigate where the corpse of this vet is and her cause of death as I have alit that points to them covering up here death and what happened to her body ? And Why she was getting mail from Army and social security etc When she died on a vet housing program . So far nobody seem to do the job I pray justice is served for this deceased vet and myself(###) ###-####PLEASE HELP .
JA: Has anything been officially filed?
Customer: The city is in cover up mode . And after maintanence came in and. I filed 3 complaints with LICAL police and they said they give it to a detective and didnt and After more incidents and info I tried CINTACT detectives bureau nothing then I called Westland community policing and next thing v mails disappear no contact to me frim 6 till I called worker today . The program is fraudulent vets are living in horrible condition . Mold mildew no heat oven never worked and I believe that lady died on this apt frim carbon monoxide poisoning and Why this agencies is not being held accountable . He has no licensed maintanence he also IVER some type rehab program and uses those people to fix repair etc and what I discovered if D of J look into it the Army would not contract with those crooks . I expect that he probably filed cos he thinks im a dummy but I caught on quickly that he did indeed know what he was doing and was systematically doing things to discredit me and forced me out . This guy from what I learned only been with this WHC since 2017 and how can her be landlord and do all books even to point og personally doing paperwork that wHC should have done . And sir I can tell you this is far reaching fraud and when I start to see that this wasnt getting dealt with and the rest I tried call prosecutor Wayne county too I have some
JA: Have you talked to a JAG attorney about this? Or anyone in the chain of command?
Customer: I called Washington hotline Sherry and I called number she have to report vets that need help but they all said they didnt handle that . This Man Scott Lorentz is embezzeling and these vets been complaining . He started doing things and thats when I realized something was horribly wrong and I could be dead the same way . I am afraid to leave and in the beguning not 1 agency did thier jobs cos ince they arrest that many using her card he be able to fill in blanks on LL and him . I contacted people and once it became obvious nothing was gonna be done . Inspection came up . And her couldnt get out oven repair as he never tried since move in and her had that many cut it in and that night carbon monoxide and her ir any of them can try lie but I am willing and able to verify my story with Los detector . I cant sleep at night and not until today after repeatedly calling did I speak to worker and apparently voicemails were erased or she claim she didnt get . Um almost 62 I can barely walk and for months I was having issues with my phone and her had all my personal info and so I start licking stuff in . They stores are listed on all these Huntington bank statements and no one tried to arrest him . Gas station at Venoy and Glenwood Liquor store at dorsey and Venoy and Palace grocery store at Venoy and Palmer all in Westland . And just that fact a line points to cover ups cos that LL knows that it that points he would be exposed and they hadnt cleaned up behind themselves .Where is this lady body what ambulance picked her up death certificate notification to Army . What if they sold her organs ? I may get killed but I wont stop trying to get someone to care and also Get out vets out of these fakes programs and if you investigate look close and make sure vets get interviewed and look at all paperwork . He been filling out all they paperwork and they never in office . So this man been having fun ripping off federal givnt program vets and disabled people . There are people with a lot to lose cos they BEUNG lazy
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: My son just brought me report from fire dept he has to go to fire chief to get it . I was told they dont tag they call land lord and Housing cimmussiin they claim today they never got call but she whispered to SIMEONE that I said they called . This Man Scott Lorentz need to get looked into . The gas disabled vets that moved in after me he charging 880 dollars a month rent ? My unit has mold mildew cos floors stay wet cos somethung under crawlspace floors buckled under carpet . I felt sick every since I been here and there another incident . So Im on Michigan and we dont got help from law really and many agencies open but not for citizens but more non citizens and ***** ***** at Wayne county prosecutor told me he needed probable cause and hung up on me . thats after I called left details and her never called back . These people are in cover up mode . U pray that jag get on this and secure financial records from 2020 and 2021 and I assure you if this veteran get arrested like he should have you see how its all falls together . If you cant find me or reach me I am leaving you 1 if my sons contact info and I give him permission to speak with jag officer . Please help me .And I
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