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My daughter is 10 with autism, tics, ocd, adhd, bi polar. She was turned down by opwdd for waiver services and a fair hearing was scheduled. Then was adjourned to be rescheduled because we never got overnighted papers for hearing till after hearing had started...judge said let's reschedule in a month after you read the paperwork. Since then she has added diagnosed by school ordered psych exams with an additional oppositional defiant disorder , mood dysregulation disorder, Tourette's syndrome. My other son has less of a diagnosis and was excepted for waiver services but is 15. Opwdd is saying school needs to offer more services. The school originally offered 2 hrs a week for 10 weeks of behavioral service at cse, now cse changed to iep with my complaining they added 10 yrs a yr of parent training. My daughter holds in everything and only rages when its someone she trusts will not leave her. Her therapist with family service league cancels a lot, she's had 3 different psych docs there within just a few months. Sometimes we need to cancel because with her behavior we cant get her there. my girl holds it in all day and rages when she gets home to the point that me and my husband are in tears. We would never send her away or any of the other children for that manor but watching her hurt herself by punching things banging her arms kicking throwing things the crying unconsolably that she's sorry and and saying she loves us. This is so unfair not just to us but to her. She can live a great life but not this way. The school is saying because her behavior is seen at the home only just tics at school they can only give so much. Between opwdd s denial and the school this is a big delay in care for her and the only one that suffers is her. Ps to this day never got fair hearing to oppose opwdd denial. This is not without attempts to contact. I want to sue both entities, i do not have money for the lawyer and being that I work and make a normal paycheck i do not qualify for any help with pro bono law. i thought we were headed to a better direction for these kids. I am a nurse, ive worked in psych and developmental disability. My daughters quality of life is getting thrown out the window because of a delay in care and no one is listening.
JA: Where is this occurring? I only ask because laws can vary by state.
Customer: ny
JA: What steps has the therapist taken so far?
Customer: none
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: she has a case manager through opwdd but thats all she gets and prior to opwdd signing her on she had spoa services which were ok but they were a lot more than she gets now. The school has suggested things that are absurd and are impossible and plain ridiculous.
I have visited 3 local vets and advised symptoms that my pet was dealing with and he received treatment and care for a numerous inaccurate diagnosis. The vets kept advising that they would need to do one study to eliminate potential illness and then they would re advise they would need to re-do the original test becausse they may have not been accurate and want to verify. This occurred continuously for more than 25 days. We started out with GI Issues, then we went to addison's disease and then back to GI issues then to a biopsy and then they said nevermind we no longer need a biopsy because this is consistent with a slipped disc in his neck and he needs an MRI and maybe surgery to correct the alignment issue with his disc and then sent us home with just pain meds. That same day, our animal went into a seizure episode and later died of cardiac arrest.
JA: Some laws are different depending where you are, so could you clarify what state you're in?
Customer: I was advised by the ER doctor that these are actually all symptoms of meningitis and that this is fatal. Furthermore, I read that in a blood report there are ways to read that blood study to determine whether this action should have been advised sooner rather than the day he died. We live in Iowa.
JA: Do you have any court dates or documents relevant to this situation?
Customer: I documentation but no court date.
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: No- I just feel like due to a failure on the vets prognosis and if we were pointed in the right direction we could've used the 6500+ dollars we spent to actually seek correct consultation or treatment and we would still have our boy at home.
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