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Dear Sir,
I am going through a Divorce...hence several people are helping me understand life again.
My wife has only 2 is giving her advice...bad advice.
Her friend is or could be the person of whom actually called Child Services on me.
All charges have been dropped by the Court of my wife's accusations...months ago.
I am needing a letter to this one friend of my wife to back off.
I am feeling that this Woman Kelly L. Henson caused a bit of grief in my breakup with my wife.
And a Big Headache with Child Protection Services.
Note: CHP had said that they were doing an Interview and would send me this letter of their finding within 60 days...well now it is over 90 days and no letter has come to my attention.
I am at my odds. and nearly want to "Sue" this Kelly L Henson over her lack of understanding. I had requested to talk to Kelly but no...she only wants to text me.
I am about to start a Mediation with the Lane County Court in Oregon for Child Custody.
This Kelly said that I was using my son as bargaining point. The Court asked me to do this Mediation instead of Attorneys and my wife is also asked to attend via Zoom March 10.
I need this woman to go away...I am needing a Strong Letter for Kelly L. Henson that if she does not stop giving Thea Sok (My Wife) wrong advice...she will be sued for damages.
I am sure that if this woman Kelly was out of the wife would talk to me.
1. I suggested Mediation to my wife...she said nothing nor wrote me back.
2, I asked my wife to sign a letter stating that I could have my son stay over each Friday night till Monday present time I can only visit with my son for Sat 4 hours and Sunday 4 hours.
3. I felt if I had a letter signed by my wife... I could take this letter to the Court and change the Temporary Custody Order.
4. This Kelly L. Henson said that this was illegal and against the Violation .
I wrote back...this is only a letter to give the Court sign off on our decisions...not in Violation of anything...wife's attorney can agree or disagree also before the Court Signs it off.
5. This Kelly I believe is she called Child Protection Services against me...but I cannot verify this...but i do know for that Kelly picked up my son from school the morning of this demise.
* Letter to back off or be Sued by me for $ 100,000 in that she caused this divorce and has made if continue.
*Yes, You Can Sue Someone for Breaking up a Marriage
It's called alienation of affection.thank you,Bari W. Swartz(###) ###-####
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