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A manager at my old job (Rodney) and owner (Deanna) literally just fired me (without telling me, they just asked me to leave the store?) Because his girlfriend/baby mama works there currently as a shift lead, and I made her a little upset last night and today her boyfriend (the store manager) Rodney, fired me (again, without ever verbally or written (3 times or even once, telling me) .and even had me placed as "Criminal trespassing" though I caused no "Criminal distrubance" even tho I was leaving without being told cops or whoever was being called, (they asked me to leave and i was getting dressed to leave, though for some reason they gave told me the manager asked me to leave twice or so, but i was getting rwady after the first time, putting on my coat and gloves and such, ready to walk the cold 3 blocks home) blocks down the road on my way home, as I to go home and as they had asked, and then all of a sudden, the police showed up, asked me a few questions, and then they even gave me a ride home because I didn't have anything on me or I didnt have a way to get back home in this 11 degree weather (i have no car, no ride to ask, i usually walk at least 1.3 miles to work in any weather any day to get to and from work one way, I was leaving, and cooperative before the police that helped me get home, but either way, no manager shoulad have a shift lead as their girlfriend and mother to their child. As specially as the manager (Rodney) is 28-29 and Jodie Clark just turned 20 and their baby is ABOUT to be 2. I'm sure as the EEOC, you can see where the favoritism can come in, and where there is no room for improvement when
JA: Is this regarding an at-will position or was there a contract of some kind?
Customer: Can you please call me, my number is(###) ###-####JA: What kind of workplace is this (private sector, public sector, etc.)? How many employees?
Customer: Private, but it was not at will I didn't even know I was getting fired fromthe girlfriends manager
JA: Where are you located? Workplace termination laws vary by state.
Customer: I work in Texas, used to at Fire house Subs in Shermn, TX, I don't know if was it wad owner but I know it had to do with the manager (28 years) and his girlfriend (20) that is a shift lead (unethical), and I got a "Criminal Trespassing" though I was asked to leave, and left, without further ado
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: Not to my knowledge other than. I may have made the girlfriend of the manager mad yesterday because u told her she didn't need to kiss and hug on her boyfriend (the manager at FireHouse Subs) they don't need to kiss and hug at work because they were at work and some other petty 20 year stuff she (the 20 year old) may have been upset about because I told her (me being 30) that personal and professional lives need to be differentiated
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