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Who can I contact about harassment and bullying in the workplace. There's someone I work with who has been verbally, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically All the co-workers as well as the ones that have PTSD and anxiety issues as well as one person that I know of for sure has some type of mental illness and/or autism
JA: When did this begin? Was the work environment intimidating, hostile, or abusive?
Customer: Yes I started this job six months ago and it was going on then. Others that I work with and I started telling each other what was happening to each of us and we are all suffering being yelled at, being degraded berated and yelled at regularly. People keep quitting, or not showing up for work or coming in late using up there paid time off because nobody wants to come in. One girl just quit a few weeks ago because she said she couldn't take it anymore. The manager's all know of this and we have all written statements to managers. We even called ethics department from the company. They came out never spoke to any of us never even spoke to the one young man who is the one who has autism I believe
JA: What kind of workplace is this (private sector, public sector, etc.)? How many employees?
Customer: He came to me and said that the managers told him that the next time this person did anything like this again that was it they were going to be gone but, it's happened a couple more times since then and he asked me about wondering why this person wasn't gone yet. I have no answers as I am in the same position he is in. The managers aren't doing anything to help us they just keep giving us false promises saying they'll take care of it and they never do The person who's doing all these things is doing it to all of us. She is not a manager.
JA: Where are you located? Harassment laws vary by state.
Customer: It is Walmart
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: There are seven or eight of us who have all been speaking to one another about everything we're each going through and realizing that we're all kind of stuck
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