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I want to speak to an attorney about being discriminated against because the facility I was working at required me not to work there anymore because I do not speak Spanish. Spanish was never a requirement for the job when I started 7 months ago
JA: When did this begin? Have you documented or reported any racial discrimination?
Customer: And you would love in their own way it's not racial discrimination it is national origin discrimination this started on the 8th of February was when they requested that I no longer go to this one site to work and that I need to go to another one to work at instead
JA: What kind of workplace is this (private sector, public sector, etc.)? How many employees?
Customer: The facility is a bank there is more than 14 employees. I am a contracted security guard from another company in which they contracted security from
JA: Where are you located? Racial discrimination laws vary by state.
Customer: I am from the state of Arizona I live in Sierra Vista the place I work is Nogales Arizona
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: Yes I will let you know that the company that I work for is a very large security firm based in Pennsylvania they are the ones that hold the contract with the bank that I work at. They are the ones my employer that told me the bank requested that I no longer come to the site because I cannot speak spanish. Spanish speaking was not a requirement for the job and I have been there for 7 months doing fine
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