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The problem I'm having is I feel I'm being wiretapped by employee's at my job. Then being harassed by them. I don't know how to prove it. and when I talk to people about it they think I'm crazy.
JA: When did this begin? Was the work environment intimidating, hostile, or abusive?
Customer: not at first. I work in a cafteria in a school district so I happened to me one other time when I first started this job. 5 years ago. now with a different set of people in a different kitchen within the same district it is happening again. The first kitchen was very intimidating as a new comer trying to learn the new job. I was made to feel as if I were dumb instead of teaching me how to do things. fast-forward to now and If I said something about a co-worker in the privacy of my own home. whatever I said is being repeated at work in a way where I can not respond so the work environment is becoming hostile... there's a lot of passive aggression going on.
JA: The Employment Lawyer will be able to walk you through that. What kind of workplace is this (private sector, public sector, etc.)? How many employees?
Customer: I work in a cafeteria in a school within a school district. But I work with a catering service contracted to the school. I started in 1 school then had to be moved because of everything I just told you. I bounced from school to school until I landed where I am now. This all became an issue again when the kitchen got a new worker. The same thing is happen at church and I also feel I'm being followed by EMT whenever I go shopping. I have no criminal history and there should be no warrants for my arrest. so I don't know what's going on.
JA: Where are you located? Harassment laws vary by state.
Customer: South Carolina
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: that's pretty much everything in a nutshell I feel I'm being wiretapped or something like my phone has been compromised mirrored or something. I feel like I'm being made out to be some dangerous person by the private conversations I have. Like everything I say is blown way out of context.
Hello! My name is***** I am a Certified Nursing Assistant. About 3 years ago I was brought up on charges of abusing a resident and conduct of unbecoming an employee. I was supposed to have a hearing with the state. As to date never happened. After I was charged my employeers gave me the option to stay working with the county or go on my own pending outcome of the hearing. I chose to stay working. They sent me to a different department and told me that my hearing should be in 3 weeks to 4 months. This never occurred. After about a year, they sent me to another department in the county and was there for over 2 years. this year in March with a days notice I was told to report back to the original employment the next day.I asked what about my hearing and findings and they told me everything was taken care of.. I never was informed of any hearings or dispositions . .I was wondering if there is any recourse I could take in maybe sueing for defamation or wrongful charging me for these allegations they made.
JA: Have you discussed this with a manager or HR? Or with a lawyer?
Customer: No.
JA: Are you an "at will" employee? Do you belong to a union?
Customer: I belong to a union. The union Representative and preident seem not to have anything more to do with it
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: I think that is probably it. I did check once with a lawyer around here they said the county would win probably.
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