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LSUE is threatening me with suspension after a battle since November. I filled a proper complaint last week. My money for last semester is still not returned. They made me withdraw after saying I was Mentally Unfit to finish the semester of Fall 2021. They caused me to fall into this state because they would not help me with the various complaints. They said I could reenter this Fall to finish the program. Now they are making threats to me about criminal charges because i want to know answers about my tuition. They want to suspend me and saying they will put it on my transcript. They have mentally drained me, set me back a year and a half. They lied about everything. I have audio tapes from 3 separate mutual meeting agreeing with me, student text messages, email, letter, they haven’t even sent me my 1098-T for because they said there was a glitch. This was an email sent to me saying they fixed and a new one should be coming a month ago This is a retaliation because it started with me sticking up to bullying, and discriminatory remarks and treatment of students. Two of my former classmates left because of the same reason. I’ve made a complain to the Dept of Education, but I need advice on a civil suit. I also filed with the JRCERT, but they said I have to try a resolution through the proper channels which I didn’t do at first because I was not aware there was special paperwork and website for a formal complaint. They continue to make defamatory remarks about me in class because others have told me. I have also heard them talk about me at work, which is a Hospital I have worked at for 4 years. We did our clinicals there. Two employees have told me that the students in “purple uniforms” were talking about you. Accusations about me are false and they know it 100%. I also have document from my primary doctor and therapist about all this. The school made me see my therapist because I was depressed for reason that they caused. They agreed with me then turned on my to save their reputation.
JA: Can you tell me what state this is in? And how long has this been going on?
Customer: Louisiana
JA: Have you spoken to a local attorney or school administrator? What is your ideal outcome for this situation?
Customer: there are no local education attorney, i am facing suspension as retaliation now. I want justice, the tuition i paid and never gave back, lost time
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: I cant fight them alone because even though the evidence is there they wont let up
I have a question, I transferred from my community college to Prairie View A&M, Pretty much I transferred all my credits and I spoke to my advisor and he gave me a degree plan to complete during my Bachelor, the only incosistency that I found is the degree plan had 3 scratches indicating that 3 classes are not longer required, the advisor told me that. I was thinking that they were running out of copies or they just need time to updated the sheet. After months I have been asking to many staff employees if they are going to updated those courses or erase it from my list, but they just ignored what I am asking over one year in a half. Now, The director of the Electrical engineering where I am senior suggested to changed my to the new catalog from 20-21 to 21-22 to erased those courses, I sent multiple emails to confirm that they will erase only those 3 courses. Well, that was not the only change, the drop off one of my classes that I already paid and I passed because under the new catalog is not longer required, also they add another class which means more time and money That I have to spend. Now, the new catalog drop off a class that I am currently taking and I already paid, they said under the class that the system drop me is a "system error" . error or not error this is already causing me personal and academic issues. The school is not responding. My logical judgment is telling me that if already start in one degree plan, I should finish with the same one regardless about revisions or changes. I feel someone lied to me just to make the change to the new catalog
SB 1470, the “Students’ Religious Belief Protection Act,” is set to be officially introduced into the Education Committee next week. If passed, it will allow parents and guardians to file complaints against individual teachers who “promotes positions in the classroom or at any function of the public school that is in opposition to closely held religious beliefs of students.” Standridge, whose campaign website describes him as having been “raised with strong Christian values” doesn’t elaborate on which religious beliefs he had in mind while authoring the bill, so I leave it to you, reader, to speculate wildly for yourself.Crucially, the bill’s language is appropriately vague enough as to leave wide open what being “in opposition” actually constitutes. Could, for instance, a Jewish family be able to complain if a teacher were to wish their class “Merry Christmas”? Would a polytheist, or atheist, have grounds to complain at the “one nation under god” line while reciting the pledge of allegiance — which Standridge himself pushed to require in Oklahoma public schools? Is simply raising the fact that abortions exist and are legal (for now anyway) enough to legitimize a complaint by an evangelical christian student? And let’s not forget what this means for biology teachers who include lessons on evolution, as outlined in Oklahoma’s official Academic Standards for Science.You start to see the problem...According to the bill, school employees found guilty of violating Standridge’s standards of religious sanctity face a fine of $10,000, and risk losing their job entirely.
JA: Have they talked to an Oklahoma lawyer about this?
Customer: i havent
JA: What steps have they taken so far?
Customer: All i know is it's been filed to be heard by the Education Committee in the State Legislature
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: No, I'd like to know if it's even legal to file such a bill. And I'd like to know if the law would be legal if the bill passes
My daughter was beat up video taped aired on line at school no one held accountable because the bully's grandmother works for board of education school she was just put into a different school zone well 3 years later being she over weight she's picked on which she's use to anyway she gets into a fight that she didn't swing the first blow and the board wants to send her to alternative school probation until 2023 plus she must go to juvenile court as well my daughter is ADHD & ODD I need help I was told if I keep trying to seek justice my daughter will never have peace in Richmond county school system
JA: Can you tell me what state this is in? And how long has this been going on?
Customer: Augusta Georgia 3 years I have the video that was aired on line oh! The board didn't put it in her school records nor acknowledge it
JA: Have you spoken to a local attorney or school administrator? What is your ideal outcome for this situation?
Customer: She's in high school why she can't attend school in her zone why alternative school and why is she in juvenile court school showed me video of the fight in question where you see the other child beat a teacher in the back trying to get at my daughter the coach throwing my child into a wall then into the building she was beat by staff and student glasses broken and she pays
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: Yes we attended a tribunal hearing and the teacher didn't mention the child hitting him I had to bring it up for him to say something plus she was giving 5 days in school suspension and 5 days out of school suspension she on medication and extremely scared having panic attacks
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