I'm looking for a lawyer that handles criminal cases I'm in Syracuse NY. Yesy step daughter filed restraining order vs

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Customer: Hi I'm looking for a lawyer that handles criminal cases I'm in Syracuse NY
JA: Have any charges been filed? If so, when is the next court date?
Customer: Yesy step daughter filed restraining order vs her ex bf @ college & he confronted her last night as she walking out the shower I. Just a towel & campus police told her nothing they can do bcuz he's not kicked off campus as long as he don't talk to her but the RO says otherwise
JA: Have you talked to a NY lawyer about this yet?
Customer: She already pressed charges from when he beat her 3 days ago & got a RO & today gave a statement to sheriff that was gonna arrest him but last night the officer & campus security did nothing even tho he was in her dorm most of the night
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: I'm looking for a lawyer that handles cases like this My lawyer I'm using for my auto accident only does personal injury
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Good afternoon and welcome to the website. My name is ***** ***** I will be the expert assisting you today. I am so sorry to hear that your stepdaughter is going through this. Unfortunately, it appears that the college campus security did not know what they were doing and if there is a temporary restraining order in place, he should’ve been arrested.  There really are not attorneys that represent crime victims. That is the district attorney’s job. What I would suggest that she does is call the district attorneys office and asked to talk to someone and let them know what happened. They will advocate for her.

My daughter was physically abused on campus and we have a restraining order against the gentleman that did it the restraining order specifically says he supposed to stay away last night as she's coming out to the bathroom to go to her room he was in her dorm right next to her door she was very afraid and made it into her room safely I then call campus Police who showed up and said that they were unable to do anything it is out of their hands yes there is a restraining order but it doesn't say he can't be on campus I also went to the office of someone who also put a whole band so that he's unable to get in contact with her or be where she is and they totally discarded the restraining order campus security told me it was out of their hands and the next day when I called and said I was going to contact an attorney everything now is being put into place but they had my daughter at risk yesterday anything could have happened I have the copy of the restraining order and who I spoke to so that there was something put in place with the campus aside from the restraining order he signed it he knows he's supposed to stay away

Michael Bradley, Expert

But I would assume that the restraining order states that he is to have no contact with her whatsoever so even though he may not be precluded from the campus he can certainly be precluded from her. Also, if he is a student as well then the dean of students should be made aware that there is a restraining order as well. The real issue here is that it is a college campus and the matter is in civil court but it should not make a difference.

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