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My 85 yr old mother was recently a victim of a scam over the phone. She was instructed step by step what to do which involved opening a bank account at a new bank then writing 2 temporary checks for $9500 each deposited them in two accounts at the same bank, turned around and withdrew $9500 from each account at two different locations and overnight it to an address they provided her. This was supposedly Publisher Clearing house and she won a large amount of money and she was paying taxes and then they were coming to her house with this large amount of money. There is a police report filed for theft by fraud. My question is are we legally responsible to pay this money back to the bank because the checks were no good. My name is ***** ***** this account as a joint and I need to know if they can hold me responsible in any way.
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Customer: texas
JA: Thanks for all these details. What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: Just talked to detective about the police report. I have been in touch with the bank but they want the money back. I have been unable to find an attorney in Victoria Tx to give me legal advice. I understand it will get turned over to collections if not paid by January 6 which will be 60 days.
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Customer: My mom had been taking a medication for a while which was making her king of foggy minded for a few months and has had a little cognitive decline.
I'm looking to get a restraining order against a Beach Volleyball club director who has made threats to bad mouth myself and my daughter. This would affect my daughter getting a better scholarship. I have text message and other Beach volleyball directors that have informed me this Club director had contacted them and stated I threatened a parent. I never had due process on this accusation. I was unknowingly recorded while this club director was framing questions and I never was asked how it all happened. This same family who made the accusation has also had 2other families removed from club and a coach. since sept. 2021 I've been contacting multiple directors and parents about my concerns with this director over Hazing, harassment and physical danger. currently this club director has no procedure for making complaints and when you do he just tells you to "shut up". the current practice environment is dangerous with player to coach ratio, kids are screwing around and a group of players never come to practice hard. Multiple time my daughter has had social media bullying with no ability to defend my daughter. this club also has no Due process when an incident happens.
JA: Is there ongoing abuse or harassment? How recent?
Customer: This Director has a history of verbally hazing and harassing players, parents and coaches from other clubs. He also has tackled and throws beach volleyballs at players very hard. I talked with Club director Oct, 2021 and told him the hazing of my daughter was over, and That he would treat her equally to other top players. my daughter is the youngest player in the elite group and for a year he would tell her to shut up when asking questions or tell her she's just a dub freshman then.
JA: Were the police called? What happened?
Customer: No police were called I would just contact another director to vent my grievous. I was scared he would ruin my Daughters scholarship by spreading lies. He's told college coaches before about a mother that was a drunk and always tell coaches that parent is crazy. now he did threaten me with a police report. I filed 2 safe sports grievance
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: So much to unpack here over the last 3yrs. Yes this club direcor has either chased off 3 families that have told another family that there daughters were lazy or not ready to play upper division and then this club director would throw them out or chase them off. this is the last 2yrs. I've also been told this faimily pays him a large stipend and pays for Mexico vacation.Customer: Chat is completed
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