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Hi there,I hope this message finds you well. I’m in the process of leaving California and moving to Texas with my son due to his father being unstable. Due to his aggressive nature, I’m planning to move (expeditiously).That being said, in the interim, I’m thinking about filing charges against him. There was a heated argument tonight. He swatted in my direction (didn’t hit me), put grocery bags on me and I had a reflex as a result... the reflex was me pushing the bags out of my face. After which, he hit me at least three additional times with the bags. I’d like to attach a video to explain as I did video record him.Unfortunately, I’m unable to upload videos. Is there some other way I can send it to you? Tonight was outside of my character and quite frankly, I’m embarrassed but I’m also scared and I need help figuring out my next move before I leave California.In the the video, you’d see me asking him to leave many times and him not leaving. He took the few things he had at my home as well as some of my things as I asked him to leave my home (we do not share a home). I asked him to leave, he cussed me out and vice versa. But things got even more heated as he continued to take my things, swatted the camera (not touching but coming close), and putting grocery bags on me and in my face as he tried to conceal his identity. He was wearing a face mask but his voice, body etc are very clear. After putting the bags on me, I pushed them off and asked him to leave again and he refused… finally he left. Slamming the door and cussing me out on his way out.Can you tell me if I have a viable case to bring against him for trespassing, theft, assault n battery or anything else?Also, at the beginning of our relationship, our very first sexual encounter was rape (he sodomized me). It’s a very long story and I’ve included photos of our text convo after the rape. I think I’ve stayed all this time because I got pregnant with my son and due to Covid. But now that the Covid numbers are lowering and due to his continued behavior, I’m leaving asap.A side note: he’s a Congolese immigrant. He’s in the US on asylum. He’s been here since he was a kid, he’s 44 years old now.He has a domestic violence background. There’s a case out now where he assaulted his ex and a number of other things. I’m certain she may not be the only one. Not sure if that matters but the case is public so I wanted to tell you.So I guess my first question is:1-is there a way to send you the video from tonight?2-do I have a viable case against him for the things he did tonight?3-do I have a viable case against him for what he did to me when we first started dating? (Pics attached).4-can he possibly be deported for his behavior? I’m afraid for me and my son and I do not want anyone else to go through this!Thank you in advance!-Laura
A police department charged me with a crime that they know I didn't commit because they were at my house the day prior and my boyfriend schizophrenic and he had injuries to his face the day prior from skateboarding and then I got pulled over and they assumed I did it even though I didn't and arrested me and because of it our lives are just in disarray to a point where he's been institutionalized and the parents think I heard him because there's charges against me and the police told me they were teaching me a lesson these women telling me that I should have left him alone but they gave him residency and now he's going to be institutionalized and I can't help him because of the restraining order and this is nonsense and I don't know if I should file a grievance against the Huntington Beach Police and then go to the DA and tell her what's going on cuz she's trying to prosecute me before they get conservatorship over my boyfriend they're giving it to his ex-wife for God's sake what is going on what do I do
JA: What were you charged with exactly? Do you have any upcoming court dates?
Customer: Yeah I was charged with a domestic it was a felony but then they brought it down to a misdemeanor I mean there was literally no witnesses and he never said I did it I didn't do it the restraining order has been sent back to the 25th but they're totally in the process of conservation and they won't let him use phones and they won't let him have any personal right person they took him off his medicine too so he looks crazy when they get him into a courtroom and then I have the domestic but it has been brought down to a misdemeanor already and then it's court case is next month on the 4th but he'll already be conserved by then
JA: In what state did this occur?
Customer: I'm in California
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: The state is stupid.. I really just need advice I can't even afford an attorney when I got arrested I had a bond out $5,000 and he was arrested the next day for a charge a felony domestic as well with my child as a witness and the da did not pick it up
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