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I think I was robbed for money in a slow but deliberate way but I know that its murky water to say that but i just went through 2 years of texting recordsing and video. i was scammed deliberately and was quickly threatned with police both times in Nigeria. the first time she begged me not leave her but its funny that we were not near the petition approval so when she and i had a 2nd argument only 2 argywhen i tried ending it.her and her sister if i ended the relationship. It took 60 days of being in person to scam me out of 16k. band if it's your wife robbing you it's ok but her sister was helping her by threatening me with police if I ended the relationship . it took me a year to end the long distant marriage to this Nigerian woman. I know about scams but I thought it was for her to get a passport but the twist is she never intended to come . She quickly acted bizarre on my 3 rd visit literally a month away from our marriage visa is approved. then she admits she a prostitute.and is seen with a man at the same hotel i.stayed lol and had threatened me with having men assault me and se but her sisters all live here.lots of brothers and it couldn't be my imagination. I'm telling you that it is an opportuniistic scam but the calling police and now im being false accused of rape and police in denver tellinf me they will arrest me for harrassment after i tell her i think she can pay for divorce because i was going to pay $500 but myThe oldest was calling me pushing me to marry and was helping cover up her red flags. my wife is somewhat attractive but didn't seem to be a hooker and her sister is a nurse abd Iives s in Denver and i had 7 months of of just video calls and then was pushed by emmah to marry her sister. I married on tbe agreement that emmah would mediate if we had any issues and my wife I have been in 2 other ltr..both fir a decade each. I have no problem with women and im not going to other countries because im unable to find women. I can have most any woman within reason or set my mind to. This situation stinks and as a man its frustrating because i sèe the fraud so clearly youl because peope ive told and know me are all agreeing with me its just that i was being tricked into the sc wberfdths but i think that this is where cops would just say too bad you married her but as soon as this emmah calls police for me simply texting her back they call me and say im harrassing her and if i sont stop im gojng to jail lol i am the person wronged and if the detective would have read her texts messages he would see that emmah was manipulatuong him by throwing Godly prayers her lame attempt to look supportive when Winifred and her were suspciciosly exchangjng when we got married. i was a little rude to the denver policeman at first becuade i assumed he was phony because she always threatening me with police. seriously im lied to so often. but i was not too rude or crazy but told him he did not do his job as he didnt read any of the texrs he claims im harrassing to i call his supervisor and tell him that the woman had helped rob me and i was telling her in the tezt that im asking her fo pay for the divorce and or i will sue her bit i was polite mostly and then did not text dor 1 and then she began actually just accusing me of harrasment and i need to apologize. I have it all right here. im not exaggerating one bit. i have been threaten non srop of going to prison.but doesn't tell me for what! until I got her voice mail 2 days ago. have her on tbe phone but luckily she leaves it on my voice mail and i have these videos on my channel and i was going to jist maybe let it go but she also knows im a sex offender im the onbut no one says for whatwkks sally after she says out a lot of money but thats not the issue. i can prove all of what im sayijg abd ationomen Later after i break it in August when I stay there 30 days every few months. she literally refuses sex becomes suddeny abusive hits me and i have it on video. Cops come
JA: Have any charges been filed? If so, when is the next court date?
Customer: sorry I was trying to edit it properly but I hit send by accident😁
JA: Have you talked to a CO lawyer about this yet?
Customer: no I just barely figured out this mess
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: this happened in August and I fired my divorce attorney for charging me so much and difficulty sending money to Nigeria. they don't care of you get scammed by womenbut they won't let you send money to anything but a woman
My father owns a 35 acre ranch in Ramona. He now resides in a memory care center. My Dad has a Trust which states that all of his property will be divided equal between myself, two siblings, and two step kids. I am trying to stay at his ranch because I am now homeless after caring for my mother for 9 years. My brother has the only key and keeps locking me out. He has cost the estate $250000 in legal fees by letting a bunch of heroine dealers move on to the property and terrorize my Dad's neighbors. M6 brother is now dealing meth from my father's house. Can I get a restraining order against him tokeephim from causing other costs because of his terrible choices?
JA: Is there ongoing abuse or harassment? How recent?
Customer: Yes. I left him my vehicle two days ago to use. Then I called him yesterday and asked him to pick me up from a business that I just left. He left me standing on the street for 4 hours. Then he sent a friend of ours to come get me. I was quite angry about being left in the cold and on the street for four hours and got into a verbal argument with the man who picked me up in my truck. I had him get out of the driver's seat and leg me drive. While I was driving he punched me in my eye and I have a big shiner. I get back to my Dad's house and my brother will not let me in.
JA: Were the police called? What happened?
Customer: Yes the police were called, they told him to let me in and for us to stay away from each other. The problem is that I need to go get a medical evaluation but am afraid to go to the doctor because he'll lock ne out in the cold again.
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: I don't think so.
EX wife recently placed restraing order on me. Unwarranted. Suspicious escpecially since just recently my device was hacked along with my icloud. i suspect she used my sons phone and turned it into parenting mode against mine.
JA: Was a protective order issued? What were the basic terms?
Customer: Its a temp order. She was only granted for me to not overy text her. Claimed emotianol abuse. also claimed what i accused her of and suspect her of doing.( Cyber stalking and hacking my accounts). Now with all my data. SHe has grown extremely hostile and requested OSC hearing. Has not let me see kids in 32 weeks.
JA: The Criminal Lawyer will be able to walk you through that. Is there ongoing abuse or harassment? Were the police called?
Customer: i was not arrested. I called the police to accompany me to see kids due to my concern for them. She claimed she feared me and told authirites my kids feared me. yet when i speak to my sons they vehemntly deny. someone with my data has been force pushing stories in blogs directed towrds me.. Also my phonecalls have forwared whwn i call my kids on devices i pay for undewr my accout.
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: I have sex videos pics of myself along with an ex gf onmy cloud. When i contronted her about hacking me. She responded in anger." You have videos of me". I did. But i had deleted them several months ago like i promised i did. I have been getting attacked online for several months. Calls being forwarded and deep fake videos of my ex gf posted on xxx websites. I sespect a male accomplice has been facilaitaing her. I have evicence bt lack the resources or know how to trace to people.
I applied for a jonb to be an accounts receivable for a major steel manufacturer. I was told i would receive deliquent payments from customers after i would cash them and receive a commission form each check. I deposited a 114,000 check into the company i was working for bank account and was supposed to keep 12k for my commission. after I made the deposit. i received a call from my bank stating they needed to talk to me about this check and it was a fraudulent transaction! now i am in the hole 114k dollars. we tried calling the bank that the funds were transferred to but it seems to me the bank is apart of this scam as they are not cooperating with me or my bank. I immediatley reported this to the FBI after my bank told me it was fraudulent. but i have not heard anything back since and this was 4 months ago. please help me. now the banks lawyers are coming after me telling me that the Bank wants me to pay this back in payments or they are going to come after me in court
JA: Have fraud charges been filed? If so, when is the next court date?
Customer: No they have not been filled yet. but i am assuming they will be filled Monday. I have been super busy with my business and havent had a chance to get back to the banks lawyers. they gave me an option where the bank will work with me and they will put a lein on my home and i will have to pay 1400 dollars a month back. but i cant afford that plus my mortgage and overhead for my business. I was thinking maybe filling bankruptcy?
JA: In what state did the fraud occur?
Customer: Washington
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: thats it
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