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I was falsely arrested and imprisoned, maliciously prosecuted, NUMEROUS CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATED, 3 different police departments kicked my front door to my home in at midnight while I was sound asleep! They DIDN'T KNOCK OR ANNOUNCE THEMSELVES AS LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, THEY DIDN'T HAVE A WARRANT, NO PROBABLE CAUSE OR EXIGENCY! they refuse to release the body cam footage even though it says on the dispatch log that I received through discovery that the Craighead County Sheriff's Deputies cameras were recording but they won't release because they know it will prove that EVERYTHING I'm saying is factual truth! The officer trainee that was patrolling my home town of Caraway was only in his 8th day into law enforcement but the chief of police and Mayor both knew that he had not received not even a minute of formal police training but they gave him his own car and allowed him to conduct traffic stops,issue tickets and run radar when he had not been trained to do ANYTHING in police work but their lack of supervision almost got me murdered in my own home as a innocent man! A certain deputy for Craighead County that has harassed and violated my rights for 16 years planned the whole ordeal! But if the false witness statements that were taken wouldn't have said that deputy Kelems came and directed us on exactly what to do and deputy Kelems is a law enforcement instructor and he knew that trainee Jeffers was not trained but just so happens that deputy's brother is the Chief of Police in Caraway!! Instead of contacting the caraway officer that should have been riding with him supervising him and grading him on his skills, he should have been the first person called if I was such a danger but conviently deputy Kelems goes back home after directing what was to be wrote in the statement if he could act under color of law to do that then he should have assisted a officer trainee when he made contact with me to investigate if the accusations were true which the were false! The person said in statements that I threatened her over a text message well why did they not ask for the text to add to evidence to support probable cause? Instead the trainee calls a officer who was fired from Caraway just weeks before this happened and the officer Wyatt Wheaton was rehired in Poinsett County a completely different county than were I live but he crossed county lines!!!! After my door was kicked i instantly found myself in a Sprint towards my front hallway to cut off the intruders before they hurt my kids and of course I had a pistol in my hand I honestly thought it was a home invasion! I was screaming to the outside that I had a gun and would shoot the first one that comes in that door but STILL EVERY OFFICER CHOSE TO REMAIN COMPLETELY SILENT!!!! AFTER looking threw a hallway window I couldn't see any VEHICLES in my drive so that made me think it was intruders even more so I listen for another few minutes and heard nothing but before I called 911 I had to make sure they didn't try to trick me so I had to snatch the door very hard cause after it was kicked in it jammed but as I opened the door still holding the pistol I was terrified at what I seen there were 7 deputies and officers on my porch aiming assault rifles at my head but I instantly knew something wasn't right so THANKFUL I slammed the door and put the gun up cause I would have never answered the door holding a gun (my home or not) there is to many innocent people being murdered for no reason and if I wouldn't have reacted as fast as I did I would have been there next one and they would have got away Scott free cause with me holding a firearm it looks like I tried having a shootout w them and that's why they didn't announce themselves and remained silent even with me telling them I had a gun??? I reluctantly walked out followed every order I was cuffed and illegally searched as was my vehicles and home but NONE of them would tell me why! FINALY they said for stealing your mom's car? I was reall
JA: What were you convicted of exactly? Have all your appeals been exhausted?
Customer: My criminal case was NOULLE PROSQUIE (dismissed) in September of 2021, I still have all appeals I just need help filling the complaint for the lawsuits to be served finally.. they had me charged with Grand Theft Auto, Felony Terroristic Threatening, possession of firearm by certain, assault on police officer times 7, possession of defaced firearm which was all bogus! Plus since this happened I have filed dozens of official complaints on all officers involved and not once have I been answered about anything!! Plus his 2 biological brothers are cops to and I have been illegally stopped 9 times in past 2 years and they don't even ask me for my DL or car paperwork or anything but I always received citations??? They have my private information written down or saved somewhere and running my name at will hoping to find something to arrest me for that is clear retaliation!! I'm trying to get body and dash cam footage now
JA: Have you talked to an AR lawyer about this yet?
Customer: I've been trying to find a civil rights attorney to help me but it seems the ones from Northeast Arkansas will not take a case against police?? How are the citizens of this country ever supposed to respect the judiciary system when police have clearly intentionally ruined my entire adult professional and personal life and all my public officials know this but refuse to hold them accountable! I even sent Leslie Rutledge a handwritten letter stating the factual details that i can prove with evidence and I get a letter back from her stating she has no authority over police misconduct???? I thought that was her job. It's ridiculous I was under the impression that attorney's loved slam dunk wins like this I have my case file saved on my phone and ray Charles could compare all the false accusations and alterations to the dispatch log and see that they are clearly covering something up and it's because they violated my human and Civil Rights
JA: The Criminal Lawyer will be able to walk you through that. Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: They will be able to help me file a section 1983? I know as soon as all 3 departments figure out that I'm serious about getting justice for my family and myself they are going to start trying to settle which I deserve
Hello! I have a question. My friend is on the sex offender registry for an issue 10 years ago. his son's mother opened a custody lawsuit against him (although pre-dates his son being born!). she has had another spread his registry picture over social media saying he is "convicted" and people are encouraging others to hurt him (commenting pix of blood slides, threating to beat him up if they see him, creating hashtags on social media like #killyourlocalpedophile). The issue is, he is not "convicted" per se. He was arrested in 2019 for an allegation in 2013 with a 17yr old girl who was an obsessed fan of his band. his son's mother ran with her pending custody case. willing to do ANYTHING for his son, he took a plea deal, so that he could get in the family court. my question is, DPS says anyone who uses any information on the SOR website to inure, harass, or for any other unlawful purpose, may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liabilty. is there ANYTHING he can do? he is afraid to call law enforcement because he is on probation. he is afraid he has no grounds for civil action, but he has ALL the proof...he feels his hands are tied because he is in the middle of a pending family law matter in may, set for a week long jury trial (mind you, NOT a cps independent lawsuit brought on by his son's mother). He is afraid NO one will listen (becase they haven't) simply because of his charge and taking a plea. he had no choice. he couldn't fight for his son behind bars, or risk a trial. but, now all THIS is happening! I NEED to help my friend. I need to help his son! Please, any ideas?
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