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Our General Liability provider conducted an Audit to ensure that the projected amounts that we listed on our application matched what we actually brought in. Our old bookkeeper sent Quickbooks reports to the GL Auditor which resulted in us owing $185,000. Upon receipt of the invoice, my business partner contacted the Auditor to request copies of the reports they'd been sent that justified their bill. A review of the reports showed that our old bookkeeper had been embezzling tons of money from the company and categorized it to hide her theft. My partner worked with the Auditor to correct the Audit; in doing so, the amount was reduced to $65,000, however the Auditor stopped communicating with my partner before the Audit was completely corrected.As a result, the GL provider was able to obtain a Court Order to freeze our company accounts. We spoke with the GL Attorney who agreed to release the Garnishment in exchange for $4,885.56, which we paid. The very next day we received a "Voluntary Dismissal of Garnishment" and our accounts were unfrozen.On December 1, 2021, the GL Attorney emailed us with an approved monthly payment amount, but no start date; we advised that we'd start the payments in April 2022, but the Attorney would not accept.On December 8th, the company's new Majority Owner emailed the GL Attorney to offer the same exact payment plan that had already been approved, but starting in March vs. April. The Attorney never responded, but instead, obtained a second Court Order to freeze our accounts again.QUESTION: Is it legal for the Attorney to file a second Writ of Garnishment AFTER filing a Voluntary Dismissal Of Garnishment, simply because he did not want to wait till March for payments to begin, when in fact, there is no signed payment agreement to begin with?
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