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We are attempting to sell our resort points. A third party , Professional Business Advisors, Inc, contacted us with a buyer in CO. We’ve pulled their Inc. papers through the CO Secretary of State and they have papers, they have a very professional website, we can’t find any online complaints or bad reviews, is there anything else we can do to check them out before committing? The contracts are also very legal looking and we would need to put a small percentage in a holding account w the their holding company for the transaction to take place. We hav a loan on some of the points and they are having us put 10% of the loan into the holding account before they will pay us enough to cover the loan so we can clear the points before the title can be transferred to them. They are offering us less than the points would cost them if they went to buy from our company directly so they aren’t offering some “too good to be true “ numbers. The deal would be good for us and good for the buyer, assuming they don’t take our money and we get paid the contract price. Anything you can suggest to help me check them out or keep from making a scam type mistake?
JA: Because consumer protection law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?
Customer: we are in AZ and the buyer and the company are in CO
JA: Has anything been officially filed? If so, what?
Customer: no
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: i said everything in my note above
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