Ellen I’m just ringing basically we moved into a property in April 2020 I asked specifically for Simply Energy to do a

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Customer: Hi Ellen I’m just ringing basically we moved into a property in April 2020 I asked specifically for Simply Energy to do a reading before we moved in because the previous tenant was an ice addict to get the NmI number I had to stand there and tell them what the meter numbers were on the electricity box which I did that has been checked that it’s a correct NM I number our first bill for three months was $623.49 at daily use was over five people in the house and there’s only two of us here daily consumption was $6.70 for the latest bill of daily use is $9.07 apparently we are using in September we were using 21 kW and then now in December November December with using 27.26 kW I’ve explain to Simply Energy that we are not home during the day we are only home in the evening we don’t run lights outside we run the Himalayan salt lamp we don’t run lights inside at night time unless we’re cooking which we don’t cook inside unless we need toWe basically cook on the barbecue if I was a list of things in our house basically we have fridge freezer washing machine dryer we have a radio inside a radio outside we have a fridge and a freezer we have a dishwasher microwave electric stove electric cooktop we don’t use the stove we don’t use the oven unless we absolutely have to we don’t use the dryer because we have an undercover carport clothesline that we’ve put up and we have not really use the dryer and this has been an emergency probably about five times we do have an air-conditioner inside which is a 2 1/2 hp inverter system but we don’t useUse it because the house is cool enough in summer and hot enough in winter we use a combustion heater in winter it doesn’t have a fan attached to it we have only use the air-conditioner maybe five times with when there’s been heat waves and we’ve had issues when we’re going to use it in the heat wave because the remote control wasn’t working properly when we first entered the property there was no stove or oven sorry and there was no dishwasher because the previous tenant had ripped it off she was an ice addict I pacifically asked for a reading to be done on 27 April 2020 because that was the day we were supposed to move in here we ended up living in a caravan on the front lawn for the first week what it was renovations happening Simply Energy never did the first reading until 1 June even though requested by me that they come out to the property and do a reading on the 27th and I’ve already organise that way before I left the previous property in March I rang them and asked them to do a reading on 27 April we have a three Bay shed there’s no electricity added to it attached to it we have a nine car carport that has six little lights and two big lights which are both Floros all the all of the flu rows we only turn on the two about the pool table on a Friday night for about four hours we run a pedestal fan outside to blow the air around and there there is a dishwasher inside that we only use every second day on my wash one load of washing every two days and basically I use cold cycle I don’t use hot I have a front loader I also have a pump on the property for the rainwater which we only fill up 11 L drums every probably three days and we use that rainwater out of the drums because they go through a filtering system which that filtering system is a carbon one it is not an electric one the hot water service is 315 L hot water service and we are getting bills from $623.49 the first meter reading for two monthOur second meter reading was $816.30 for three months 90 days so the first meter reading was the first September from 1 June second meter reading was from 1 September to 30 November I’ve spoken to the landlord and the previous bills that he paid for the previous tenant because she was an açai paper charging more in rent and didn’t charge for electricity and the bills were $250 each three months 90 days I’m about to have him come around here now and we’re going to look at the bills from previous with doub
JA: Have you talked to a NM lawyer about this?
Customer: no I had you come u p on here
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: I have contacted the company which is Simply Energy it was an estimate of reading but it’s still not far off the mark with the actual reading our last bill was $623 and basically not sure on how to work out when it’s a peek Tarif for the hot water service
JA: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: Basically the landlords prior to us moving in I think I ready said this girls whenever over $250 they paid it for the person prior It’s just ridiculous I just don’t understand why was paying such high bills we use Nothing really fridge freezer microwave washing machine on cold cycle All the lights in the house are LEDs except for the ones outside which are fluoro lights there’s no power to the shed I think I already said all this I just don’t understand how come I feel so high
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John Melis
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John Melis
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The State Tribunal is perfect for mediating disputes. It forces the parties to come together to discuss the issues involved.

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