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I bought this trailer almost four months ago, thinking I would be able to have it moved back to Estill County. Unfortunately, I couldn’t, and since I was homeless, and living in a Super 8 motel, I ended up moving into the trailer. I had been told about only some of the soft spots in the flooring; specifically the kitchen, and the living room. It turned out there were many more throughout. Once I was able to get the electricity and water turned on, more problems manifested themselves, requiring a plumber, and an electrician. The prior owner also didn’t pay an inspection fee of $350.00 per his lease, and unbeknownst to me, that fee was attached to my lease, in addition to my deposit, since he refused to pay it. I was threatened with eviction, and wasn’t allowed to sign a lease until the inspection fee, and deposit were paid in total, including the current lot rent.
I’ve had to have an electrician in to replace the dryer outlet. There ate still several outlets needing repair, and other outlets which don’t work at all. The water pipes, which I was told were new, were not up to code, and weren’t meant for outside use. They burst when temperatures dropped below freezing for several days. The plumber I was fortunate enough to get, had to replace 30 feet of pipe, and insulation. He had to come out two days in a row for all the repairs. I will be putting in shut-off valves under the kitchen, and bathroom sinks because there aren’t any at this time. The toilet had to be repaired shortly after I had the water turned on. The window in the front bedroom actually had snow piling up INSIDE on the window sill, and will have to be replaced sooner than later.
I’ve had to use a putty knife to scrape grease, and filth from the range hood. The whole thing is going to have to be replaced because I can’t fully clean up underneath it. It took me two weeks to clean, and sanitize the refrigerator/freezer before I felt comfortable enough to put food in it. I still haven’t pulled off the door seals to check for roaches because I can’t afford replacing them. When I began cleaning, and sanitizing the cabinet shelves, before laying my own shelf liner, I found 14 ant, and roach traps. I thoroughly sprayed roach spray while cleaning. I’ve had to use grease cleaner to dissolve the grease which coated the cabinet doors, and the top of the refrigerator, and counters.
There are only two ceiling light covers in existence. All the others are missing. I had to buy a toilet tissue holder for the bathroom. A drawer in the kitchen doesn’t exist. Only the faceplate was there, and someone had stuffed plastic grocery bags in the empty space. Spray foam insulation has been used in multiple places throughout, particularly around the windows, and around the air conditioning units. There is mold, and mildew around the windows, and the sills. When the bathroom was repainted, paint was splattered all over the floor, permanently staining it. Cabinet handles are broken, or missing altogether.
I’m on SSDI. To fix everything which is wrong with this trailer is way more than I anticipated, and definitely more than I can afford. I believe I was lied to, and definitely not told everything I should have been. I’ve already sunk a great deal into this place, including a brand new stove. All of my things are still in storage because the floors aren’t safe enough to move things in, nor support heavier items. It has created so much stress, I’ve ended up in the hospital with blood pressure crisis. I’m owed, at the very least, the $350.00 inspection fee. I'm looking to get compensation of $3000.00, to $6000.00, including court costs.
JA: Just to clarify, where is the property located? These laws can vary based on state.
Customer: Owensboro, KY
JA: What are the terms of the lease? Any issues related to maintenance or upkeep?
Customer: No issues at this time.
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: I own the property outright. I'm on disability. My phone number is(###) ###-#### When the plumber was out, he informed me there was standing water under the trailer. It's in a low-lying area where no trailer should have been put. At the very least, gravel should have been laid, then plastic over that. Neither was done to prevent standing water, and mold/mildew build-up under the trailer. That alone is causing me health issues, also.
I have a neighbor who is harassing me, and wondering what I should do. He recently moved to the neighborhood. About 2 months ago he came and asked if I am willing to pay half of the price of replacing the fence between our properties. I told him, financially I was not in a position to do so at the time and besides the fence was perfectly fine. A week later, he came by and said he would pay for the fence, but asked me to move my trees because it can in the future block his view. I have 3 fruit trees in my backyard that hardly is 6ft tall and is in no way blocking his view. I told him I would not get rid of my trees. The following week, his contractors broke the fence and came to my backyard, damaging one of my trees and also damaged the fence before putting it back on. (I caught the whole thing taking pictures). Thinking he would replace the fence I did not pay too much attention to the damaged fence. But then he only installed a new fence on his side and leaving the old fence inteact (except my side had been damaged).
JA: What steps have you taken so far? Have you prepared or filed any paperwork?
Customer: I then went to him the next day, showed him the pictures I had taken as how his workers had broken into my backyard withoout my premission and had damaged my (now) side of fence. He was apologetic, and said if he could take pictures of the damaged fence. I let him to my backyard, he took pictures and promised by 10:00am next day his contrctor would come and fix the damage that had been made. However no one showed up. The next day I went to him and said no one had shown up. He said, he did not think the damage had been done by his contractor and when I told him I had caught them on camera as I had shown him the day before. He refused to accept it and said he would not fix it. And then a coupld of days later he started to park his car in front of my house where my street view from my living room be blocked. I asked him to please park his car in front of his own property. His response was that I did not own the street and he would park his car anywhere he wants. When I said to him my ask was a courtesy so my street view is not blocked and to park his car in front of his own property, he said whenever I remove my trees then he would park his car in front of his property.
JA: Where is the house located?
Customer: San Jose, CA
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: The guy is very creepy. Even though he has wife and 1 (or 2 kids) he is extremely aggressive and rude. I am a single woman leaving alone. All day long my curtins are now down so I dont have to look at his van parked in front of my house. A couple of days ago I was scared of his behavior and asked a friend to help. He came and started an arue with this guy asking him to park his car in front of his own house. But he refused saying he would do so if I move my backyard fruit trees (which again are in my own backyard and are NOT blocking his view or anything so I have no idea how dare he even asks for me to do this). After my friend had a uge argue with him, he threatened him that he was crossing into his property (drive way) and to stay away,. When my other neighbor came to support he told him the same to back off. And as a form of intimidation he was takaing video with his iPhone. In the end he argued that he parks his car behind the line where his property end and not to enter my side of front side of property. EVen though, this is still blocking my street view, and his side of front is completely free for him to park his car, I had no choice but to accept to avoid any further conflict. However, he continues to park his car beyond that agreed upon line and into my side of front yard street side.
I live in a 55 and over apartment complex and have been here for going on 9 years. My apartment is attached to a garage which the cars have not disturbed me or my sleep. There is man who has a Kia Stinger GT with dual exhaust that parts his car right on the other side of my bedroom. He backs into the garage and the back of his car is 4-5 feet from the wall behind my bed. He starts his car up in the morning about 750 and other times and startles me out of a sound sleep that at times wakes me up choking (I use a C-PAPP machine for sleep apnea) and leaves me with a headache the rest of the day. I am 69 years old with Sleep Apnea and other health problems who lives alone and I am afraid of stroke or something else happening from thi. He as been living here for 3 or 4 years..I have went to the complex manager since late august and she finally in late Sept. said. There was nothing they could do. He doesn’t have to move to another attached garage if he doesn’t want to ***** could move to another apartmentt.. The police said they could not help because. It is private property. I called the councilman and I did notice he has at times kept.his boom music down. I have tried calling corporate and my phone calls have not been returned. The receptionist insist on knowing the purpose of the call.. please advise on wat to do
JA: What state is the apartment located in? And has anyone consulted a local attorney about this?
Customer: Twinsburg ohio and I have not consulted an attorney. These are not subsidized apartments but I have not because of limited income. The name of the owners is Gross builders
JA: What are the terms of the lease? Any issues related to maintenance or upkeep?
Customer: They have been sited with several violations with the city of Twinsburg on the building in this complex.The have repaired a few but applied for extension on others
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: not that I can think of
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